New Launch of customized tools 🎉

Agents advanced AI
with automations

Develop advanced AI chatbots with no coding required, empower and train them agilely using a range of tools and integrations.

Advanced AI models for your agent

Choose between different AI models for your agent, combine with tools and integrations

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4o

Enjoy the features of GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k and GPT-4 and give more powers to your agents


Combine your agent with Mistral AI and enjoy all the features and capabilities of this model


Advanced model for natural AI conversations from Claude version 3, even more powerful

Empower your agent with tools

Create and manage tools for your agents with or without code. Integrate with any API, collect or query data accurately with few instructions

  • Tools to save data asked by the agent
  • Tools with Webhook submission
  • Custom tools with JavaScript code
  • Tools to access your agent database

Train with your company or business data

Use your company or business database to feed your agent with relevant and accurate information and let it serve your customers

  • Import data from your website
  • Create text documents
  • Import PDF, CSV, DOCX or PPT documents
  • Coming soon, integrations with Notion, Gitbook and others!

Integrate conversations wherever you want

Besides our integrations, you can integrate us into your system or app, managing all conversations and having a summary of everything through our system

  • Widget Embed, Popup or Iframe
  • Integration with WhatsApp Web or API
  • Integrate our conversational API into your app

For any type of your busines

Explore AI automated agent solutions for your product or business


Respond in minutes, provide immediate and accurate responses to your customers based on your support guidelines


Work each lead and scale your sales. Automate your sales process and turn your leads into customers on autopilot


Create tools for repetitive tasks and processes and manage your business

Custom automations

Create and integrate multiple APIs into tools for queries or data collections and let your agent work for you

Your data is safe

We guarantee security and compliance, we are prepared for GDPR (European) and LGPD (Brazil) and give you control over your data storage

Secure storage

Your data is stored with high-level and robust encryption (AES-256), with you in control.

We do not train with your data

Your data is strictly private and never used for model training purposes

Best practices

We use best practices and strictly follow the usage policies of AI providers

You’re in good hands with us.

Join us and scale your business with AI

Transforming Lead Management with Integra Bot

”Since implementing Integra Bot, lead management has become highly efficient. Automating repetitive tasks allows us to focus on strategies, boosting lead conversion and customer satisfaction. The platform is intuitive and powerful.”

profile picture
Jhol Hewres
CEO at Alta Forja

Elevating Customer Support to Another Level

”Integra Bot has revolutionized our customer support. AI agents provide 24/7 support, resolving customer issues in real-time. Integration was simple, and the customization perfectly met our needs. We are very satisfied with the results.”

profile picture
Lucyan Peixoto
CTO at Alta Forja

Simplifying Graduation Management

”Integra Bot has streamlined our graduation events. AI agents handle administrative tasks like sending invitations and managing RSVPs, letting us focus on creating memorable events. The platform is user-friendly and integrates perfectly with our tools.”

profile picture
Amanda Farias
Suporte Manager at IntegraLabs

Frequently asked questions

AI agents are automated systems that use artificial intelligence to perform specific tasks and interact intelligently with users. On Integra Bot, you can create your own AI agents, configuring them to understand commands, answer questions, and execute automated actions across various platforms and applications. These agents can be customized to meet your business needs, helping to increase efficiency and improve user experience.

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